How can you fight toxins?
Attitude, Accountability, Actions

Daniel and I have been doing this along time. Toxins are something we specialize in. We use this word TOXINS to allow us the opportunity to deliver a message that “…if it is toxic, it has to be identified, battled, and eliminated.”

But was is the definition of Toxic? What is a Toxin? and Why do your students need to learn about it?

Let’s discuss how Daniel and I will deliver the messages that will have the people around you always thinking about Knocking Out Toxins

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For Animal Chaplains

From the time I was 2 years old, I knew I had a connection to animals. I spent 29 years in business, exceling in areas such as sales, labor relations and as a Chief Operating Officer. I was ordained a Deacon in the Catholic Church in 2002. I started Daniel’s Dream Dog Rescue and today is President of the APLB. I am also a motivational speaker certified by John Maxwell.

Now I am preparing a training program specifically designed for people looking to counsel others through bereavement due to the loss of a pet. Our animals are important to us and there is no greater feeling than to have someone listen and empathize while you are hurting. This program gives you the skills to be that provide support, be understanding, and empathic.

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This program is scheduled to have an online and offline experience with exclusive content for our premier certified chaplains. Sign Now to get more information about becoming an Animal Chaplain and you will be 1st to be notified when the program is ready.

Prosper with the Pack

Schools are a business and are starting to see more competition. With the implementation of state testing scores impacting both teachers and administrators, the stress of measuring up to other schools in the area has become ever more important. This has created an environment of stress and turmoil that is effecting every stakeholder in the school community.

I have created a program highly focused on the success opportunities of all levels of education and you will see results on how this program impacts your school and community immediately down to the last child and lowest performing teacher. Call me. Let’s discuss 973-284-0107

  • Change is more prevalent than ever.
  • Bullying continues to be an issue, but not only for students.
  • Students at both the middle school/high school level have pressure to succeed.
  • New structures (middle school model/Block schedule) call for better teamwork.
  • They are being measured for success differently with testing, etc
  • Labor/Management relations will no longer be “business as usual”
Prosper with the Pack is here and ready to help your school thrive

Our willingness to learn from everyone can take us far in life. Our schools are great at educating students and staff, and now “Proper with the Pack’ will bring that to new levels. I bring the wisdom that I gain from my relationships with dogs combined with my business and life experiences.

Learn with the Pack

Teachers Need This

This program takes a deep dive into the effectiveness of all aspects of the class room, including:

  • Teacher/Student relationships
  • Teacher/Administrator relationships
  • Classroom harmony
  • Growth opportunities
  • Results

Administrators Want This

This program focuses on your district, including:

  • Administrator/Principal/Teacher relationships
  • Curriculum
  • Technology
  • Budget
  • Growth opportunities
  • Results

Who is
Joe Dwyer?

Joe has had a heart to save dogs his entire life. A survivor of anxiety and depression, he inspires others to knock out toxins while encouraging them to help save dogs in need.

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What’s Joe’s Message?

Joe’s message is built on compassion and peace for all. Daniel The Beagle and other canines become unique instructors to live a life filled with passion and purpose.

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Is Joe right
for your audience?

Joe takes great pride in making sure there is value in his messages for every audience. His style is to connect with people and never “preach” to them.

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Joe Dwyer is an amazing speaker. He is full of energy and passion. He spoke to the Animal Rights and Awareness Club at the school I teach in and the students absolutely loved hearing Daniel's story and all the additional messages Joe weaves into his talk. He flawlessly and effortlessly related to the students and wove messages of accountability throughout his stories. I would highly recommend Joe coming to speak in a school. I wish more of my students had attended this wonderful assembly because the messages were so important for our children to hear, Thank you Joe!

Diana AmatoSocial Studies Teacher, Fort Lee High School

I have looked forward to these sessions each week. I think that it has fostered good communication between the different departments of the hospital. I also think people have gained a better understanding for what others deal with on a daily basis. Therefore, we have already achieved the goal of fostering better teamwork. The session on the behavioral styles was fun and also helpful in getting the supervisors thinking about how to approach different people.

Liz McKnight, B.S., C.V.T.Clinic Services Manager

I reached out to Joe Dwyer to help our hospital make positive changes on many levels of leadership. He was very well prepared, articulate and easy to talk too. A number of the topics (i.e.: coaching, conflict resolution, communication and teamwork) helped to inspire and motivate my supervisors to become better leaders. Joe has an extensive background in management; mix that with his love of animals – made it very easy for him to relate to our hospital.

As the Patient Services Manager at OAH - I feel that we must be the best we can be – for the sake of our patients. I feel he brought my supervisory team closer together along with building a better team hospital wide. I look forward to continue working with Joe, to contour new topics every manager encounters.

Karen Critchley-Capone, RVT Patient Services Manager at Oradell Animal Hospital

The Alfred C. MacKinnon Middle School in Wharton had the opportunity to host Joe Dwyer and his two furry companions, Daniel the Beagle and Shelby. Mr. Dwyer is an outstanding speaker and motivator! Students were engaged throughout the duration of the presentation. Also, Daniel and Shelby stole the show with their stories of survival and overcoming the odds to survive. Mr. Dwyer's message hits home with young audiences with topics that relate to their lives. I highly recommend having Mr. Joe Dwyer present at your school or business.

Dr. Patrick Ketch, Principal
Prosper with the Pack is here!
A Podcast by Joe Dwyer: Episode #2


And we are just beginning to help students and staff while bringing awareness to dogs in need. Become part of a growing pack that will help you be more effective and peaceful!

Students listen,
when we speak.

Together we can teach lessons about respecting themselves and others. Listen to these messages of respect, accountability, inspiration, and knocking out toxins. These are just some of the examples of the programs Daniel The Beagle and I will deliver to your student community.

I wrote a couple of  books.