Joe Dwyer realized he had a passion for motivational speaking after delivering a ten-minute speech in his sophomore year of high school. He discovered his gift of compassion and energy as well as an ability to connect with his audience.

Joe Dwyer and Daniel

His professional career began as a Chemical engineer at Schering Plough, having earned a degree in chemistry from Rutgers University. He moved on to Bell Atlantic in 1984 and, as a sales manager, won awards for Sales and Leadership four years in a row! While at Bell Atlantic he became a skilled management/labor negotiator and was the “Circle of Excellence” award recipient for the 1998 Labor Agreement.

Joe’s career took a turn in 2000 when he joined the Archdiocese of Newark. He was instrumental in reshaping the administration within the Archdiocese and spent seven years as Vice Chancellor for Administration where he led the activities of the major departmental groups of the Archdiocese.

Joe is trained in martial arts and possesses a 3rd degree black belt in Karate. Along with this training and his diverse life experiences, Joe believes in journeying with the people he speaks with by using an engaging style that people thrive in. In December 2012 he opened his own dojo, Noble Strength Dojo, which is located in Nutley, New Jersey.

A certified dog trainer, Joe has always had a passion for animal rights. He has rescued all of his dogs. Most recently, he trained one of the rescued dogs, Shelby, to be a certified therapy dog. In November of 2011, Daniel “the miracle Beagle” came to live with Joe and his family. Daniel has already had a positive impact. Through his story of survival from the gas chamber, Daniel has inspired adoptions and has brought an awareness of the need to pass a law to ban the use of gas chambers.

Joe is the author of “Shelby’s Grace” about his formerly abused and abandoned Pit Bull that is now a therapy dog, Daniel “the Miracle Beagle” about Daniel’s incredible journey from Alabama to New Jersey, “The Dog Ate My Homework….Or Did He?” about personal and business accountability from a dog’s view and ‘Roadmap to Success” which he co-authored with Ken Blanchard and Deepak Chopra.

Joe is a member of the National Speakers Association and Coach U (a world class coach training organization).

Joe lives in New Jersey with his wife Geralynn, their daughter, Jenna, and their four dogs: Greta, Spartacus, Shelby, and Daniel.