Welcome friend! Here you will find suggestions for a better life powered by canine wisdom!

Each of us seeks more peace in our life every day by looking for a certain level of spiritual nourishment. Unfortunately many of the places where we find spiritual nourishment, we do not come out with our mind fully strengthened.

Enter Nobel Strength Spirituality, which you have now found!

“For every person, inspired by every canine” is now what awaits you. Once you jump in, a peaceful more spiritual life awaits.

You will hear from Daniel the miracle Beagle, Shelby my Pit Bull therapy dog and many more on this journey that will enrich your life.

Be sure to take the necessary time each week to listen a few times to the audio and/or read the transcription. Then take the lesson and action items with you as you proceed through your week.

Be doing this you will be in a more peaceful place with yourself and others, you will gain a significant amount of inner strength and you will appreciate even more the dogs that share our life!

Let’s get started now!

– Joe Dwyer

Joe and Daniel