From the time he was 2 years old, Joe Dwyer knew he had a connection to animals, especially those in need. During his teenage years, Joe battled psoriasis and was bullied. It was his brother Fritz, a mini Doxie, who came to his side and established for Joe that this bond with animals was powerful and spiritual.

Joe spent 29 years in business, excelling in areas such as sales, labor relations and as a Chief Operating Officer. Wanting to fulfill his needs to serve God and all of his creations, Joe was ordained a Deacon in the Catholic Church in 2002.

One evening, Joe was driving home from a fundraising dinner and saw someone swerve to hit a cat. He jumped out of his car and saw the cat was fatally wounded. During the poor creature’s last moments, Joe stayed there with the injured cat and prayed for him. He felt the cat’s appreciation for his service and prayers and, in turn, Joe felt a spiritual nourishment provided back to him. It was this nourishment that lead Joe to take two classes; the APLB’s Pet Loss training and the Emerson Institute’s Animal Chaplain program.

Today, Joe is President of the APLB and Daniel’s Dream Dog Rescue, which he started in 2015. He is also a motivational speaker certified by John Maxwell and is inspired to serve those in need – both humans and animals.

How An Animal Chaplain Add Value
To Humans And Animals

Animals are sentient beings and their lives matter. In some situations, these facts are overlooked causing a lack of spiritual nourishment for the animals and humans as well.

A ministry focused on animals and the people that care for them can bring more awareness to their lives and provide more peace in the world.

Imagine a welcoming prayer ceremony for an animal who, had previously experienced pain and loneliness, now lives in a loving family.

Imagine a funeral service for a dog, who was once abused and abandoned, then rescued and spent their remaining years serving humans as a therapy dog.

Imagine a memorial service for a cat who a rescue group worked tirelessly to save.

These and many more services and celebrations are now possible to enrich the lives of animals and humans who love them.

Consider also the expression to the world of the spiritual wisdom that all of these animals, God’s creation, can bring to the world that needs it now more than ever.

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