Are you dreaming of a world in which the Dogs’ View not only inspire and empower, but literally assist animal care organizations in attaining their goals for efficiency accountability and productivity, while increasing the potential to save more dogs?

If so, it’s time to consider CANINE Consulting Services. Why?—because Joe Dwyer, animal rights activist and advocate created the CANINE Program to identify, discuss and more importantly, resolve the pain points which stymie accountability and obstruct organizational growth. This glitch unfortunately, has a negative effect on the welfare of our furry friends.

What are pain points?
Pain points are defined as issues either concrete or perceptual that hinder the success and growth potential of an organization. But all is not lost. The resolution of these points unlocks working power, thus eliminating crippling financial and psychological barriers preventing goal attainment.

The pain points problem hits a new level when it reaches the emotional component of an organization. Together with the financial impact it breeds the ultimate vicious circle causing the original issue to intensify leading to worsening of pain and frustration. Sadly this is the scenario in many animal care organizations, from Veterinary Hospitals to Rescue/Shelters.

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What is the solution?
Joe Dwyer has the answers to ease the pain and bring more joy and fulfillment to your organization. His philosophy is based on focus, timing and a simple but meaningful premise– Dogs benefit when humans are accountable and take action! And a healthy functioning to full potential organization results in smiles and tail wags. Additionally, dogs are amazing mentors and problem solvers.

Joe Dwyer has a successful track record with an easy to adopt fail-proof strategy to untie the knots that prevent an organization from operating smoothly. His approach is based on a simple but air-tight theory—who better than the dogs we love can teach us how to confront all the aspects of life, from business to social to family, inclusive of every relationship. With their pure unconditional love and loyalty, dogs demonstrate how their wisdom and insights can improve our lives.

How will the CANINE Program benefit your organization?
Joe Dwyer assesses your organizational goals, examines for pain points, identifies obstructing issues, and refines your services while trimming costs within your business.

His plan includes motivational talks on

  • Compassion
  • Accountability
  • Nobility
  • Inspiration
  • Nothing Negative
  • Evolving

Compassionate Practice is the foundation for all involved in animal work. With Joe’s experience as a Pet Loss Counselor and his collaboration with professionals, he is fully qualified to address this part of animal care.

Dogs are great communicators. They have also mastered the art of team-work, conflict resolution and leadership. Understanding loyalty, unconditional love they are excellent teachers and role models, holding the attention of children, teens and adults until the lecture is concluded. And the lesson is delivered simply, easily understood and readily applicable.