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Hi, it’s Joe Dwyer and I wanted to share something with you. About 40 years ago a community was built not far from where I live now in my hometown. It was a group of us children, who were out every day, rain or shine, cold or warm, even sometimes in bad elements playing in the street. We were a community that had a common bond. We wanted to be out, we wanted to be out in the sunshine socializing and playing sports and it was awesome!

Sad to say we don’t see as many of those communities today as we should. But communities still exist whether we believe it or not.


I am part of a community almost every morning at the gym where I work out. It is so refreshing to go in there, to see the people who are there that day, to say hello to, to share a nice word. It’s part of being a community of believers, and as a community of believers, it is the bond that strengthens us.

The bond for a spiritual need is what is going to strengthen us, and carry us into a huge community of believers with Noble Strength Spirituality. It has become the core of my dojo, Noble Strength, and I am so proud to say that that community has taken off in a very special way. Once we get up and running with Noble Strength Spirituality, the same thing will happen.

We will continue to reach out and ripple out and bring in more and more people into our community so that the world will be a more peaceful, a more compassionate place starting with ourselves, but certainly the sky is the limit.

Reach out, ask people to be part of our community. It’s going to be something very special.



  • Call back the feeling when you first joined a community you felt welcomed into.
  • Start a community of believers with at least 2 individuals plus yourself (dogs count).
  • Get together with that community for 15 minutes a day.