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My first job was a bus boy in a very busy restaurant. One day the owner came to me and the other bus boy and told us we needed to go down and sift through the garbage. For somebody had inadvertently left a diamond ring on the edge of the plate and it was discarded by accident. The two of us went down there and spent which seemed like an eternity going through that very unpleasant pile of garbage.

I even had a nightmare that night that I was in the garbage forever and ever and ever. We never did find the ring but the story has stayed with me. I must say that unfortunately it stays with me and probably stays with all of us because we hold on and keep garbage around in our life way too often and way too long.

Consider for the moment some of the unpleasant things that happen in our life. Someone cuts us off on the road, somebody betrays us. Something happens that we just felt very bad about. We are sick and have a virus.

We hold on to it for so long. We need to get into a practice of taking the garbage out and keeping it out or else it can really compromise what we are looking to do with moving ahead with a more spiritual compassionate and peaceful life. The garbage will hold us back. I’m not even sure we realize how often and how long we do it.

garbage out-smallI considered this just the other day and I was amazed at how much garbage I have been holding on to for so long. It is after all a choice. I could, if I elect to, decide to take the garbage out and leave it out every day, but instead I don’t as often as I should. I’m sure if you dwell for a few minutes on your own life you will find the same phenomenon.

Now in a very interesting situation, many of our animal companions, loving beautiful creatures are discarded every day. That is something that should not be discarded.

Shelby Dwyer is sitting right next to me as I record this very important message. She was discarded, unfortunately I have to say it, just like garbage and she should not have been. Shortly, she is on her way to the hospital where she has done incredible work as a therapy dog. She is a beautiful, loving individual.

Now we have a challenge in our life. If you are into animal rescue and you want to stand up for their rights, as I do, then you can only be as good in doing what you can for these beautiful creatures, only good enough if you are removing the garbage from your life. If you are holding on to it you are too consumed and too busy with that than you can be with doing the positive things in your life.

That goes for anything, my dear friends. So let’s us all take a daily commitment. Let us the garbage out, let’s leave it out, let’s recognize what this unpleasant garbage is in our life and let’s recognize what needs to fulfill our life.

It is important for us and especially for those we love.


  • Take 3 issues from your past. Bury them with other old garbage and discard them from your mind.
  • Consider “my Shelby” (“Sweet Shelb of Mine”) and think of two ways you want to be more like her or any animal in your life.