Prosper With the Pack

  • Schools are a business and are starting to see more competition. With the implementation of state testing scores impacting both teachers and administrators, the stress of measuring up to other schools in the area has become ever more important. This has created an environment of stress and turmoil that is effecting every stakeholder in the school community.
  • Therefore, the main goal for students and staff is to be in an environment where they are able to prosper at life. This is an environment that is beneficial to all involved. Students and staff will feel safe and confident in their ability to succeed. Teachers and administrators will feel motivated to create an environment for students where they are challenged, yet self-assured.
  • Capitalize on Opportunities for Growth

  1. Change is more prevalent than ever.
    Change is a part of life and continues to increase. Some changes are mandated by the state, including testing and funding. Other changes have taken place due to the increased role of parents’ involvement within the education system. No matter where the change is from, they can either be a deterrent or an advantage to the core education system depending on how it is handled.
  2. Bullying continues to be an issue, but not only for students.
    With continued media attention on anything controversial, a standard has been set where respect is not a priority. Like all of us, students and staff can be influenced by the media to some degree especially when subject matters parallel world events. A deeper sense of respect can be inspired through our assemblies and coaching sessions.
  3. Students at both the middle school/high school level have pressure to succeed.
    With the continued trend of high-stakes state testing and competition among colleges, students have seen an increased pressure to succeed. This competition has also led to comparisons among students that is not healthy. With the “gains from losses” theme of our assemblies, this pressure can be transferred to a healthy form of accountability.
  4. New structures (middle school model/Block schedule) call for better teamwork.
    The middle school team teaching model is a good example of positive teamwork. As other initiatives take hold such as a block scheduling, the need for teamwork will increase. There is no better teamwork than that of an effective pack. Our creative approach will bring teamwork to places where it is most needed.
  5. They are being measured for success differently with testing, etc
    With the continued implementation of high-stakes testing, students and staff are both feeling that this is what their self-worth is based on. This is creating a negative school climate, which can be difficult to overcome. By working through our assemblies and coaching sessions, this negativity can be challenged to be something positive.
  6. Labor/Management relations will no longer be “business as usual”
    As changes continue that lead to increased pressures for success and financial challenges, Labor/Management relations will become a challenge. I have 10 years of Labor / Management experience, including collective bargaining, at Verizon. I welcome the opportunity to re-engage in something I love to do that will help this process for all concerned.

  • Groups to inspire include
  1. Administrators
  2. Board of Education
    • The change begins and ends with the administration and the Board of Education. They have the ability to promote an environment that is beneficial for both staff and students. This environment would be one that is filled with positivity, motivation, and high morale.
  3. Students (student councils/athletes)
    • The students may not be able to start the change, but they do have the ability to be a part of it, as well as promote it. Students in groups such as the student council and those that are part of athletics are thought of as the “top” students in a school district. These students can promote an atmosphere of prosperity among their peers.
  4. Union Reps
  5. Teachers
    • Administrators and the Board of Education have the ability to start the change, but the teachers have the important job of turn keying it to their students. This is crucial to set the tone for the entire school environment.

Joe Dwyer’s ability to help include

  1. Labor/Management relations, including collective bargaining agreements
  2. 30 years of Business experience, 10 as a Chief Operating Officer
  3. 10 Minute speech in 10th Grade was foundation to becoming a speaker/coach
  4. Subbing in schools to learn about students and teachers needs.
  5. Learning from everyone, especially two dogs who defied dying to help others
  6. 30 years of Martial Arts training.
  7. Survivor of anxiety/depression

How we proceed:

  • Administrator coaching sessions with Joe – this will be the kick off to understanding what the school environment is in need of.
  • Teacher mastermind groups with Joe – since teachers spend most of their time with the students, they will have a good insight on what the student environment is in need of most.
  • Determine student needs and structure a presentation, with Joe, Daniel, and Shelby

What happens?

The school proceeds as a high functioning “pack” with a deeper recognition of the mission and goals. More respect is present in a peaceful environment. All levels of the school environment from the students up to the Board of Education prosper.