What services do Noble Strength and Joe Dwyer provide?

  • Speaking opportunities:
    • To inspire the members of your animal rescue organization
    • As a keynote for your fundraising event
    • To schools in your area to motivate the students to live their life with more respect and compassion and to encourage them to be the future for animal rescue
  • Formation for Animal Chaplains
  • Personal Coaching
  • Team Coaching and Consulting services
Some of our recent presentations include:

How to live with purpose. (Features John Maxwell’s “Intentional Living”)

  • Illustrates Daniel’s and Shelby’s stories of survival through incredible adversity and what followed.
  • Create a “why’ for your life learning from two Hero dogs who give back after being discarded and abused.
  • Knock out Toxins including physical and emotional dangers that tempt us.

Expand Your Try (Features John Maxwell’s “15 Laws of Growth”)

  • Do not compare to others
  • How to live a lifetime of learning and enjoy it.
  • Two Hero dogs inspire to make respect part of everyday life.

Turning Losses into Gains  (Features John Maxwell’s “Sometimes you Win, Sometimes you Learn”)

  • Adversity is a part of life; embrace it to define a purpose.
  • Surviving the Gas chamber and dog fighting leads two dogs to a fulfilled life that includes helping others.
  • Remove blamestorming and being a victim from your life.

Presentations to “knock out toxins”

Whether your focus is for your students, teachers, administrators, parents, or, all of the above (remember that from tests?)

We carefully plan with you and tailor each presentation for maximum value for each group.


Personal coaching

Applying a range of experience that includes coaching/training groups, executive business experiences, labor relations, my personal experiences as a parent, and martial arts to name a few. Individual coaching sessions are confidential and can yield a high level of peace for those we work with.

Coaching is available for: Students (18 years and older), Teachers, Staff, Parents

Labor relations/mediation services

As the lead labor negotiator at Verizon for 10 years, I enjoyed my experience settling disputes and working towards an effective Bargaining Agreement. I will now bring this experience to you for assistance in your labor negotiations or bringing help to settle a work place dispute.